Monday, July 5, 2010

Short Rib and Scallop Surf-N-Turf

Slow-braised beef short rib with red wine reduction. Colossal scallops with carrot sauce. Sauteed zucchini and summer squash.


Wow, what can I say... Easilly the most photogenic dish I've ever made.

I was cooking from intuition with this one. Sans the fundamental braised short rib recipe which I tweaked to my liking, I was running unscripted. This dish was a study in contrast. The wintery braised short rib with a thick red wine sauce. The summery, citrusy scallop. The carrot sauce, squash, and parsley to tie it all together. Somehow I made this work and it worked really well. Everything was seasoned correctly and the portions were controlled and well balanced. This was a good lesson for me about the importance of balance as a compositional element in cooking. I must say, this was a phenomenal dish, probably in my top five meals I've cooked this year.

I'll try to post an approximation of the recipe at some point.


  1. can you please post the recipe